Google Search not working on Chrome


Aug 5, 2014
A couple days ago my Chrome was working perfectly fine. Until yesterday. I was going to search for something on google, and all of a sudden, it said "no internet connection". I didn't understand why because other webpages was working fine. Then suddenly it just refreshed itself, and google page loaded. But now it looks alot different, it's almost as the text is smaller, and no, the zoom is 100%. The "more" and "search tools" when searching is not working, it just refreshes the page. This is very annoying, as i like to use those "tools". Let's say i search on a city or a place, i used to get like a "preview" or whatever to the right, with some fact and such, but now it's all blank.
Hopefully there is someone here that knows a fix, because i have tried pretty much everything i could find..