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  1. M

    How to Clear Your YouTube History

    If you've got an embarrassing YouTube history, don't worry. Here's an easy way to clear it. How to Clear Your YouTube History : Read more
  2. G

    New Activity Cards Make Google Search Even More Useful

    Google Search on mobile now lets you access your previous searches and page visits on a specific subject more easily. New Activity Cards Make Google Search Even More Useful : Read more
  3. O

    Solved! Google Search is not the same

    Hello in picture 1 is how my google search is right now and in picture 2 is how it suppose to be i don't what has caused this change please someone help me cheers
  4. S

    Solved! Extremly Annoying Virus

    So it started somewhere around a week back after I downloaded a trainer from for Northgard. The problem is that it shows me spam links google search results. I've uninstalled all potentially harmful softwares. There are no new addons, no new plugins. I've identified the source...
  5. K

    Google is gone. No app store, no YouTube.

    I let someone touch my phone, now everything is gone except for Google Search.
  6. J

    Getting Ads on Google Search with Ad Block

    Hello everyone. Something really annoying happening right now. Started 2 weeks ago. When i search on Google search for anything, after about 2/3 seconds the page will then shows ads for the top 5/6 results. They don't show straight away - comes a few seconds later. I am not getting ads...
  7. M

    untagged online pictures

    how can i find pictures of me online that i haven't been tagged in? would i be able to google search another picture of me and it will find that one or similar pictures?
  8. M

    Solved! Annoying "Ads by Royals" pops up after a google search

    When I search anything on Chrome a second later at the top of the search list a few links pop up which is very annoying cause you accidentally click on their links instead of what you actually want to click.
  9. R

    how do change google search image display

    Now looks like pinterest ... how do I get it back to old format
  10. 1

    Virus jumped accounts

    I have had very little help in the past when looking this up online google search. Why does certain viruses seem to jump between a standard user account and an administrator account, and ending up on both. It was of my opinion that separating the two should prevent this; however, that does not...
  11. Z

    Not getting any alternativs on Google search

    so I have noticed that when I search on google I don't get alternatives. For example, when you search ''Fa'' alternatives comes up like Facebook and other stuff that are popular searches. But I don't get those alternatives anymore and it is annoying and sometimes I don't spell correctly and I...
  12. F

    Google search looks different and is slow all of a sudden?

    Title pretty much says it all. My Google search is suddenly really slow (taking several seconds of a completely blank white page before showing results), and it looks... odd... The Google Image search also looks horrible, and is equally slow. I threw in some screenshots. I have not installed any...
  13. L

    Solved! OPPO A39 camera icon and google search bar deleted by accident.

    OPPO A39 camera icon and google search bar deleted by accident. I accidentally deleted my camera icon and google search bar - and when i try to press and hold the background nothing comes up... help!
  14. J

    Shared pci-e slot

    Please understand my question is very noobish and yes I have already done the standard google search for my answer with, answer. Now while I think it can't be done, I want to make sure. Question-can a wifi card and a gpu share the same pci-e slot on my pc? I only have the one spot...
  15. RepoDraghon

    Google search not working on Android and PC as of 2/27/2018, any idea why? anyone else having this issue?

    Is Google down? I can get Yahoo search but not Google... Anyone else have this issue? All Browsers are affected
  16. C

    I have to refresh anything "Google" related in order to get the web page to load

    As the title says, whenever I do a Google Search, browse YouTube, use anything with "Google" I have to refresh the webpage in order to get it to load the content. I can browse everything else. Things I've tried: - Clearing cache - I was previously using Google's DNS (,, so I...
  17. S

    How do I get any url's beside the default apps on my element not so smart tv. I want to load a google search engine or reasona

    I can't get anything except the default apps. I want to have WAY more than a 7 app monitor
  18. M

    My google search scheme changed to really annoying

    Hello everyone! Today i was just searching on google and from 1 search to an other my whole searching scheme changed and i can t see it trought plus all search became significantly slower.Here is a photo what i m talking about. . Now I dont know how to change it back. I hope you can help me...
  19. U

    Office 2016 product code purchasing

    when I do a google search for "Purchase Office 2016", I see web sites that advertise Office 2016 anywhere from $15 to $75. anyone have any experience with buying these. Legit? Are they just the product code and you have to pay to activate? I don't mind that price range if it works. Maybe too...
  20. L

    Where are my favorite photos Stopred

    They Were on google search of different images and it said saved to favorite
  21. V

    Search Sixty Spyware/Malware?

    I use google search on chrome and this morning every search goes to google and then redirects to Ive run ccleaner, malwarebytes, reset chrome settings, checked extensions, restarted the PC and it still does it. Only in chrome though. How do I get rid of this?
  22. E on Chromebook

    I was using my chromebook, and i type in a google search, and i click on something, and an inappropriate page came up (at school), and my speed has dramatically came down. I would like to know if there's a free antivirus or a work-around to DELOTON . com on a chromebook. I use a chromebook run...
  23. N

    Where can I buy replacement part for my laptop shell?

    Hi, I want to replace my broken case of a Clevo W550EU laptop. But all results in google search do not help as they do not have spare cases. Any ideas? help please
  24. N

    Keyboard puts an ' before first letter everytime

    I have a desktop pc, with a external Keyboard. Suddenly, everytime I want to type something (e.g: google search or an www address) it puts this ' before it. Only before the first letter. Also happens when using numbers.
  25. H

    Google search page displaying only symbols

    I use Chrome as my primary internet engine. When I pull up my browser it automatically loads my two email inboxes and a generic search page into three different tabs. My email pages are Hotmail and Gmail. The problem is my google search page that turns up nothing but symbols from...
  26. N

    Solved! VIRUS! Chrome hijacked! Help!

    My google search is messed up. about 1-4 or so of my top listings are BS fake advertisement website. Occasionally, when I go about my usual day, it opens up tabs (the annoying sites where it pops up a dialog asking you to confirm you want to close). Here's pics.
  27. G

    strange adware that isn't being detected

    I have this adware where in google search it shows adware results, and sometimes it does popups, I tried using hitman pro 3 but it doesn't detect it, I have malwarebytes, did a scan, didn't detect it AND using adwcleaner doesn't detect it, I searched up other questions but no one else has got...
  28. I

    how to find my stolen laptop using model number

    i have lost my laptop ,unfortunately iam having only laptop model number and bill using that how can i track my stolen laptop help please
  29. M

    How do I get rid of this adware?

    It's infected all my browsers. Let's say I search for google, when I hit enter the browsers opens up another tab with adware. When I use the google search engine, it gets hijacked and it replaced with another search engine. I reset all my history and I thought it was fixed but then it came back...
  30. Slow Pri

    DuckDuckGo && HTTPS Everywhere/Firefox Vs. Chrome?

    Hello Everyone! So I've been digging into this anonymity topic recently. However, I've read on multiple forums and reddit that "DuckDuckGo" is the search browser that 100% keeps you anonymous however, I don't honestly believe that. I've been using Google Search but I know they've been...
  31. B

    My youtube channel in google search result shows incorrect thumbnail

    This began like a month ago and continues. I have a youtube channel which I uploaded my gaming video and streaming sometimes. If people google my IGN, my youtube channel will show up. A friend of mine told me my photo is shown as the thumbnail of my youtube channel in the search result. I...
  32. M

    Google Search not working on Chrome

    Hello. A couple days ago my Chrome was working perfectly fine. Until yesterday. I was going to search for something on google, and all of a sudden, it said "no internet connection". I didn't understand why because other webpages was working fine. Then suddenly it just refreshed itself, and...
  33. L

    my phone is LG phones key board does not work... how can I solve this problem

    when I am going to type anything the keyboard doesn't show me... that time this nortification shows me..'Unfortunately, Google Search has stopped'..... please give me a valuable solution to this problem
  34. Q

    Website said I had a virus

    A few days ago I went to a website from a google search (should have known better, but the safe search features said it was safe). A screen came up saying that my computer had been infected with a virus, and an audio recording said the same. It said I should call an 866 number to have McAfee...
  35. Lumia925

    how to use things in the <windows.h> header file? (C++)

    I want more control over how text is displayed on the console. Google search recommends using the <windows.h> header in MS Windows platform, and avoiding system() calls. But MSDN help is brutal. I have no idea what they're talking about! Here's an example: What does this even mean? What is...
  36. B

    Is the information provided at the top of the Google search result officially provided by Google?

    For example ,when I type in "How to cook rice" and search in addition to showing a list of possible results from different sources, Google also shows a quick summary of the method at the top of the result Or when I type in "how to combine pdf It also shows a list of steps at the top of...
  37. G

    Yahoo search results appears when I do a Google search

    Recently I've noticed that whenever I search something on Google, the first three results are always from either or another irrelevant website. Here are the screenshots . I have a feeling that I have been infected by an adware and please recommend ways to...
  38. akattkisson

    Google's App Streaming: What You Need to Know

    By streaming apps, instead of downloading them, your mobile search experience should improve. Google's App Streaming: What You Need to Know : Read more
  39. XaveT

    17 November 2015 - randomly not working?

    Anyone else having issues with Google Search randomly not working today? I'm getting a bunch of error-timeouts and the was something about a protocol not recognized. I'm using Chrome 46.0.2490.86, and no other sites seem to be effected. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't. Anyone...
  40. B

    Ads by enormous sales taking over chrome.

    Good afternoon everyone, Currently I have this major adware problem on the chrome browser only and I am fairy sure it is caused by something called "ads by enormous sales" The problem is most of the time when you search for something on google chrome, you get anywhere from 3-6ish extra links...
  41. U

    Google search tab plays my audio at reduced volume

    All other Google Chrome tabs play at the same normal volume like when I have no browser open, but there is a definite volume drop and style (sounds like when I'm on the 'test' microphone' function opposed to 'test speaker' function. Is there a way to fix this so they're consistent as it is...
  42. D

    Cant Remove Respectsales Adware. HELP

    So I turn on my laptop one day and open Chrome, and tons of ads popup everywhere. I already scanned my pc and looked for the adware on the programs and features list, and it wont show. I used Malwarebytes by the way.
  43. P

    RegCure Pro Good or bad?

    RegCure Pro good or bad? It seems like many ain't too happy about this program. Many People claim that there is a problem removing all the files this program creates when installed. But can you use "Hitman Pro" to get rid of files left behind after uninstalling RegCure Pro?
  44. X

    Something weird with google.

    So for the past 3 weeks or so, something odd has been happening with google for me. Doesn't matter what browser I use, if I try to go to google or do a search through firefoxes built in google search, it takes forever to load. After 30 seconds or so it'll finally go through. Once I'm on google...
  45. Marshall Honorof

    How To Download or Delete Your Google Search History

    Google can provide you (and only you) with a personal, downloadable record if your searches if you know where to look. How To Download or Delete Your Google Search History : Read more
  46. M

    Is there a way to create a keyboard shortcut for inserting text? Like Ctrl+B will insert the test "bbbbbb" wherever th

    I would love to be able to create keyboard shortcuts for text so I can insert the text regardless if I am in Word, browser/google search, etc. Is there a way to do this with Windows 7 and/or Office 2007? I have an lenovo thinkpad. Many thanks!
  47. T

    Search Suggestions Emply in Chrome

    When I do a google search, the autocomple dropdown suggestion box appears, but it is blank. However, when I move my cursor over the seemingly empty box, text is highlighted and becomes visible in the line the cursor is touching. How can I fix this so that it displays normal black, visible text?
  48. S

    Laptop keyboard is out to lunch

    On my new Asus K550C laptop typing in my Google search bar or the address bar, space, backspace, delete and enter have no effect. Typing appears but is all run together and errors cannot be corrected. I also noted that when I opened Word Pad to type a note - nothing appears on the page while...
  49. Davidmitrevski

    Chrome displays Facebook icon while I am on Google Search Tab

    Basically when I Google search something in chrome, the Tab Icon displays Facebook's icon instead of the Google one. I know it sounds confusing, I shall provide a screenshot It just bothers me, I have no idea why it is doing it
  50. L

    I need help with fixing google

    Hi, I've tried looking at google forums but I just couldn't find anything related to my problem. So for a week or so, my google search is only displaying web and images. This is a bit annoying since I like to see other options. Thanks for your time!
  51. J

    Most comfortable headset with 7.1 surround sound?

    I'm looking for a headset for extended use, up to 10hrs at a time with 7.1 surround sound. I don't need a mic with it but it has to be comfortable. I'm willing to spend £100-£150 but prefer it to be under that price range. I've had expensive headsets in the past but they all become very...
  52. tomsguideUS

    How to Pin Google Search to Your Windows Phone Start Screen

    You can pin any website to the start screen on your Windows Phone. Having a tile is a quick way to get to your favorite website. Using the same process, you can make a tile for Google Search on your start screen. There are several ways to do this, and here we cover two. Steps: 1. Open Internet...
  53. V

    google serch Setting

    i can chang my google search setings it show Your cookies seem to be disabled. Setting preferences will not work until you enable cookies in your browser. but my cookis are eneble
  54. Aidan Sweeney

    Google Chrome Left-clicking issue

    Hello everyone, I have yet another issue. Today it's with Google Chrome. The issue is, whenever I try to click some things, like links on the Google search page, for example, I search for "turtles" and I try to click on the link that goes to Wikipedia, it does not work. Also one other thing...
  55. B

    disable defender just for norton's green/gray/red google search flags?

    I have windows 8.1 with integrated windows defender and I scan with spybot every day, haven't had a virus. With XP which didn't include Defender, I used norton and had no viruses but blocked many, defender never even pops up that one was blocked which is strange except for once but it was...
  56. S

    My company is based in Chicago, and when I do a Google search for anything it searches Chicago first. How can I make it searc

    Changing the area where Google first searches. My company is based in Chicago, and when I do a Google search for anything it searches Chicago first. How can I make it searc
  57. T

    Chrome Error Issue

    Hi guys, Sometimes when I open Chrome I get the following error pop up:- Any ideas what's causing this and how to fix? I had a Google search but found nothing of use. Thanks, Paul
  58. J

    What online stores would you recommend for buying laptop batteries?

    There are many when I google search but I don't know which ones to trust.
  59. R

    Google Search URLs

    Hi, I have been noticing that over the past couple of weeks the composition of the URL has changed a couple of times. Firstly text along the lines of #bav=on.r.r (and more after that) appeared in every google search. Now it has changed to #fp=dbbba751b754a6cc&q appearing in every search...
  60. Z

    Google Search App Gains Google Now Widget on Android 4.1

    Anticipates users' queries by automatically showing weather, sports scores, etc. Google Search App Gains Google Now Widget on Android 4.1 : Read more