Graphic artifacts when changing GPU clock speeds


Apr 18, 2015

I have a older gaming laptop with a GTX 260m.

I don't overclock nor do I plan to, but I do sometimes underclock to keep the GPU cool.

I have installed Gigabyte OC Guru to control both Core and Memory clock speeds.

But the moment I underclock I see some squares on around 4 places on the screen that disappear when I move a window that has any sort of GPU acceleration over it.

This happens whenever I try to change the clock speed going from underclocked to stock and back.

Even tho the GPU works perfectly fine, are artifacts a common thing when changing clock speeds to lower and back to stock? I don't overclock as I said.

If the artifacts are not common by just changing clock speeds, maybe I should just leave them to stock and not bother with it.

Thanks for your time.

It seems to happen only when I lower the clocks, around 4 squares appear and they disappear when I move stuff thru them so it "redraws" normally.


Apr 18, 2015
Because my GPU doesn't downclock itself to 2D or should I say idle speeds on it's own ever.

I am on battery for example now, everything has great temps besides the graphics card because it never drops to idle clocks.

Why would the GPU be on full clock speeds if I'm not doing anything, in example watching a movie or browsing the web... nothing graphics intensive, even sitting on the desktop it's still on the highest clock speeds unless I underclock it.
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