Graphic Card shuts down laptop when AC adapter is on


Aug 16, 2015

So this is my situation, that is going on since I bought this laptop 2 years ago, I hope I can find a solution here, I really do ..

I have a Asus K55VM, which runs fine except than when I try to run graphically demanding software / games, it overheats and shuts down, every single time. This only happens if I have the AC adapter on, if I use the battery alone it runs fine, but since the software is demanding the battery wont last that much. I've checked the temperatures with SpeedFan and it does overheat, really quick (after a couple minutes). Using SpeedFan I figured I couldnt control the fans temperature, so I looked for any settings in BIOS to unlock anything that could be in the way, but found nothing. After a google search it seems like my laptop model wont let me change anything about how fans work. I'm mentioning the fans for a reason : when I run the Windows Experience Index, the fans get to a speed that by noise should be about 3 to 5 times faster than the speed they ever do in any other task, even when about to shutdown, which seems suspicious to me. I also cleaned the computer from top to bottom, replaced thermal paste, gave it a little kiss on the cheek ... no changes, and as far as I googled, there are more people with the same problem and the same laptop model, some suggesting a bad laptop hardware layout, which didn't seemed far fetched, but I dont really know if thats the case.

I'm tired of pulling hair because of this issue, so I look forward to your contribution on this, I would be really thankfull if I could solve it without smashing this laptop and getting a new one. Thank you in advance.

Finally the laptop specs :

Asus K55VM
Windows 7 Home
64bit architecture
Intel® Core™ i7 3610QM Processor @2.30Ghz
Nvidia Geforce GT 630M - 2GB



Sep 16, 2010

Check if you have the latest bios
In the past other manufacturers have released updated bios to fix problem with the cooling fan not going to maximum speed at correct temperature

You can get laptop trays with one or two fans which take power from a USB port.
Aluminium trays are probable better than plastic trays

examples at amazon

Mike Barnes