Graphics chip question\definition


Apr 5, 2011
Disassembling an old laptop to check for damaged parts, and anything to salvage if so, and have found what looks like the culprit causing this old thing's death in the past.
The graphics chip has small fragments of dust and what looks like tiny specs of plastic gathered around the outer edges away from the thermal paste.

I don't have a picture of the chip in working order to compare it to but it appears some of the very small connectors on the top side of the chip have been smashed. I don't know their definition; very tiny metal contacts sticking up out of the top of the chip outside of the center nvidia block. Some of them appear to be bridged with porcelain or silicon. But, it is some of those "bridges" that look to be shattered.

What are those contact's definition? And could they shatter on their own from heat or surge? Or is it more likely someone smashed them installing or "fixing"?

It is an onboard nvidia graphics chip in an old Presario F series.


Apr 5, 2011

don't have any.
old onboard graphics chip. metal points less than a mm tall jutting from top around central block of chip. some are bridged, some are single.
if you don't know what it is by the description i don't see a photo helping you.


Feb 18, 2015

Dude I know what you are thinking an chances are it is perfectly fine. Those small fragments probably aren't from the chip, but rather external sources. I was an idiot an dropped my brand new cpu on the ground and thought I might have chipped those connectors you are seeing. Turns out after a google image search everything is how it should be. What is the exact model of laptop/gpu?


Apr 5, 2011
the question here is what are the names of those contacts sticking up out of the top of a still seated\soldered onboard graphics chip, not if this one is damaged or still operational.
i know the fragments are from the chip because i see some of the glass or porcelain, or whatever they are, bridges shattered still with pieces attached.

every desktop CPU i've ever seen has a flat top side and laptop CPUs usually have much bigger protrusions than this thing. these types of onboard gpu chips do not look anything like any newer central processing unit.
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