GTX 970M VS GTX 960M is it worth it?


Nov 17, 2014
Ok so I narrowed it down to TWO laptops. Having hard time deciding on which one to buy.

The only real difference is the graphics card

first one Final Price is $700
Cyber power fangbook -4 SX7-SE

2nd one is
Vector-17 100 $1030

Both have i7-6700HQ 2.6GHz
both have 250 SSD EVO Samsung
both have 17 inch screens
pretty much ALL is the same but the GTX Card and the model of the laptop.

Is the upgrade to GTX 970m wortht he $300?

I mostly play smite and day Z but this laptop is suppose to be good for 4 years and I may end up playing something that needs more then those 2 games.

SO will the gtx 960m be good enough or should I fork out the $300 for the Gtx 970M?
From all my research both are GREAT deals

THANK YOU for all advice