Hands On With Nintendo's Wii U

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Sep 20, 2007
[citation][nom]brain54[/nom]Imagine giving your squad orders in Battlefield 3 through a commander like futuristic overview in your hand PRICELESS..[/citation]

You actually have a interesting idea here. I wouldn't be interested in such a feature on this console. But to link a tablet to a online multi-player PC game where a player assumes a commander role and tactics are extremely important would be a great feature. Even more so if the commander doesn't even require a PC to begin with and can command games across the globe. Instead of simply saying "Squad Alpha go to this point" The commander could even draw out a suggested path from the troops to follow if the commander knows of dangers lurking or to better setup ambushes.

Consider your idea stolen as I go tell a buddy of mine about this.
Not open for further replies.