Nov 30, 2012
So i am using Win7 32 bit with Chrome as my default browser. Yesterday i came across bit of a problem. I'll give a rundown of what happened,so you get the info if needed. Move please, if i've put this in the wrong section.
I was at IGN's youtube page. There were 2 tabs with videos open and i was on the main channel on the third tab.I clicked on some playlist or a daughter channel i guess when Chrome crashed. I started it up again and this page shows up - , and two other ones open up subsequently and . They both don't look too safe so i close them quickly. I also noticed that my preferences and customizations were wiped , namely my extensions (AdBlock) was deleted,my most visited pages which i had earlier cancelled showed up again and my pages to open on startup were changed to from and earlier setting of new tab,along with the disappearence of my bookmark bar.
I did not have any antivirus installed and i immediately downloaded avast! free AV.The scan done then showed my comp. was safe. One is running right now and shows 43 infected files ,which i presume are mostly false positives from pirated games (don't hate on me i support the ones which need it,i live in a 3rd world country) . No notable changes were seen in the performance, other than sluggish net (probably because of the ads) .
So i booted it up the next morning (now) and everything was fine. When i ran Chrome my settings were again wiped and those sites started up again.The same sits opened up on Firefox too,so it's not browser specific.

So what should i do ? Should i just block those sites and let it be ? Or check them out in depth ? Please help me over here guys :|

P.S. I only pirate games that do not need it and are ultra profitable already. Don't hate me lol. And i have whitelisted the sites that need the revenues from ads. So please don't rage on me ^^

Edit : Most of the infected files were just the remnants of my old antivirus. Can anyone tell me if the other stuff is caught is related?

47B9.exe in C's appdata/roaming folder
DOF9.exe -----------same------------
lvlupf.exe -----------same------------
TrustedInstaller.exe in C Temp
WER1B36.tmp.hdmp in a really deep folder.

Edit 2 : Malwarebytes Anti Malware Fixed the problem. It still exists in Mozilla but i'm good if Chrome is working as intended . Thanks to everyone for the quick replies and the help. :)


Jul 29, 2012
It is a mistake to believe that pirates and crackers are your friends. Remember they screw over game companies and break laws, so why should they be nice to you? 43 infected files is a lot, I would remove all of them.


Apr 10, 2013

If you know what you're doing and download from trusted uploaders, there's only a small chance you'll get a virus or spyware from a downloaded game. Not to promote downloading illegal software or anything, but I've downloaded games and such for years and the only time I got infected was my own dumb mistake.



Apr 13, 2013
Well I would say you have some kind hijacker. Download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, Spybot - search and destroy, and kaspersky antivirus free 30day trial. Install Malware and spybot, update it, run scan, then uninstall them and install kaspersky, start 30 day trial, update and run scan. This should remove any infestation.