Have 2 graphics cards, disable one safe?


May 22, 2010
so i just got a laptop for christmas and noticed that i have 2 graphics cards, the integrated 4000 model that i guess most all new laptops come with, and than i have the 7730m. what i was wondering is if i can just disable the 4000 in the device manager and have the 7730 as the main one. it seems to pick the 4000 one as the first option but i dont know when i play games or anything else it switchs to the 7730.

unless there is an option that i can go through to have the 7730 selected as the main one.
The idea with the dual graphics cards is the intel 4000 will be used for web surfing, youtube, movies, general use. As soon as you play a DirectX game, it should switch to the 7730m for games. Sadly, it's a bad implmentation on some laptops, some do it better, but some won't even switch to the 7730m for OpenGL games or apps.

I would leave it the way it is, as the 4000 will take less power and heat and prolong your battery life and laptop life in general, but if you really want to use the 7730m, you can usually disable the integrated in the BIOS and run the 7730m full time.
I would leave it alone.

As mentioned, the purpose is to save power. When not doing anything stressful the Intel HD 4000 is used. When playing a game or maybe when watching HD video the laptop switches over to the Radeon.

If you were to uninstall the Intel HD 4000 driver and for some reason the Radeon drivers become corrupted later on, you may find it difficult to use the laptop with a blank screen.