have new asus transformer pad cannot use google play store keeps telling me i need to sign in to my google account, i cannot g


Feb 21, 2015
Have a new asus transformer pad, i have added email addresses to google, and google plus, but the android tablet will not let me go onto google accounts as the tablet keeps telling me I have no access to google servers. Been trying to log into factory downloaded google playstore app since I purchased the tablet in January, but everytime I try to go onto the app, my google account correctly appears, but the app tells me I have to log into my google account, but I have no access to google servers and as far as syncing goes keeps telling me that syncing is unavailable at the present time for some items, please try again later - been trying again later for over a month????? I have never used android before, always using windows os on my pcs, laptop etc etc. What can I do apart from a factory reset which will wiple the two downloads I have managed from outside of google play store?