Having Second Thoughts About Bitdefender


Jul 8, 2014
I've used Bitdefender Total Security 2015 for the past year. Had no real issues with it.

I was going to renew, but I am having second thoughts due to what I've been reading.

I want to shut off auto renewal because it will renew at the full retail price. I can get it cheaper elsewhere. Bitdefender said they would send an email link to disable it a week before my product renews, that never happened. So I sent bitdefender a support ticket and have not heard back from them yet. I have read that Bitdefender's support is appalling and that many do not get their issues resolved.

As for Bitdefender 2016, I've read that the program slows down PCs considerably and again people have trouble with customer support. I want a program that isn't a resource hog.

I've since looked at other antivirus programs and Kaspersky seems OK.

Does anyone have any of these issues or have used the 2016 versions of Bitdefender or Kaspersky?

One other question, I've been running Bitdefender's firewall. Is this good enough? Or should I get a separate program?

By the way, I'm running windows 8.1 64bit, might upgrade to 10
core i7 4790k, 8gb ram


Jan 12, 2016
Bitdefender's firewall is abysmal. I would reccomend using Comodo firewall, unless you don't want annoying notifications and an entire antivirus solution at your finger tips just from the firewall. But you can edit the firewall settings whenever you wish. I've heard that Kaspersky makes viruses so that their product gets a higher rank, you can research more but in my opinion i wouldn't go with Kaspersky or trust them. I don't think you should even pay for an antivirus solution because there are many free options out there which have better detection ratios than paid antiviruses like: avast free antivirus, malwarebytes antimalware free, avira free antivirus and comodo internet security just to name a few.


Jul 8, 2014

I've used Comodo firewall before, no problems with it. I'll probably get it again.
Have you used Zonealarm free firewall?

Anyways, Bitdefender charged me the full renewal price for the 2015 version even though I sent a ticket in several days ago to stop that from happening.
I've since called them and told them I wanted a refund. They said they sent the refund request to another dept, gave me a case number and said they would contact me in 24 -48 hrs with a decision. So far it's been almost 24 hrs without a response.

Meanwhile, bitdefender is running with 366 days of protection left.

Anyone have these issues with bitdefender?
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