hdim plug.. So I ordered one on It has htmi plug on


Dec 30, 2015
I bought my son an innutab machine that came with an HDMI connection I don't have that because my TV is not HDTV..I ordered a cord which converts rca to HDMI.. It however has green and blue as well as red white and yellow.. I plug it into video 3 and nothing comes up.. Any ideas?
before you can get any help you need to be specific about what you have.

red+blue+green = component video (+red+white audio)
yellow = composite video (+red+white audio)

to go from hdmi to either of these you would need an active adapter box. older tv units sometims have svideo, which would be another option available with an active adapter box if your tv supports it.

now it should work, but i can not guarantee it because it may output a resolution that is not compatible so you might get odd display on screen or possibly no video if instead of stretching the image your tv just ignores non supported content.