hdmi overt cat6 extender, signal coming from tv but not from pc


Sep 6, 2016
I have a setup in a resto/bar 6 tvs and two main inputs one input from a normal tv receiver and one from laptop, 5 tvs are connected through normal HDMI cables and one is connected through hdmi over cat 6 cable using HDMI extender and all of these inputs and outputs are connected to a swticher 2 in 8 out, all the tvs are getting signal normally from tv reciever bt only one tv which is connected to cat 6 is not getting the signal from pc
The output of the PC may not be compatible with the CAT6 HDMI converter. Try lowering the resolution.
Try connecting the CAT6 converter to a different output on the switcher.
Try connecting the CAT6 to a different TV.