HDMI splitter for lossless audio from tv to receiver


Jul 10, 2017
Hi Team,

Can someone guide me on how to transmit lossless audio from TV (while playing a file via usb port) to receiver? As i am aware of the fact that ARC cannot pass through DTS MA and TRUE HD, will an HDMI splitter solve the problem if i were to attach it to the HDMI ARC port of the TV? That way i can send in two HDMI cables to my receiver simultaneously.... one to the receiver ARC and another to any other HDMI input. But i am not sure if it will work since the HDMI output on TV is 'ARC' in the first place :( I do not have a PC with HDR output capabilities, hence have to playback all the 4k content on TV via usb.

Also, i would be grateful if you can suggest a media player that might be able to output 4k hdr video along with lossless audio codecs to my receiver. I am using an Onkyo TX-RZ710