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  1. J

    Is this the 400$ high end lossless music listening experience ever possible?

    Watch the immage i attached to understand pls i just create a presentation of my configuration if you are lazy: Tidal Master enabled No eq no sound echancments 2 channels 24 bit 192000hz Bose quiteconfort 35II (wired no wireless) Remember this is intended to be the max you can get in terms of...
  2. G

    HDMI splitter for lossless audio from tv to receiver

    Hi Team, Can someone guide me on how to transmit lossless audio from TV (while playing a file via usb port) to receiver? As i am aware of the fact that ARC cannot pass through DTS MA and TRUE HD, will an HDMI splitter solve the problem if i were to attach it to the HDMI ARC port of the TV? That...
  3. NewsFromHell

    Audio frequency check for 4000+ files

    Hello everyone, Recently I noticed that I have many old mp3's which are 30 kHz and I want to replace them with better ones, like convert from FLAC to mp3 48 kHz 320kbps. So is there any software that can analyse all my audio files and tell me which ones are lower than 41 kHz? like in a log file...
  4. Y

    FLAC Lossless MP3 file download problems (high).

    [removed] download lossless music files problems, lossless music is not MP3 files? My download It is FLAC file! [link removed] Please help me.:??::??:
  5. R

    FLAC vs WAV vs WMA lossless

    I have a FLAC file that I converted to WAV. Since they are both lossless, why is the WAV file so much bigger than the FLAC file? And why is the WAV file so much bigger than the same file as a WMA file?
  6. game junky

    ALAC Audio Ripper

    I like to purchase physical CDs so that I can rip the files at a lossless format that does not have imbedded DRM - previously, it was uber easy to do this: pop the disk in itunes, rip as ALAC, call it a day. Now, it seems that disks are not recognized in itunes because the audio files are hidden...
  7. B

    Does rendering a lossless file using the same lossless codec decrease quality?

    I record videos with dxtory in 1080p30 but have been wanting to upgrade to 60fps capture. I use the lagarith lossless codec but just can't capture in 1080p60 unless i purchase another hard drive and raid it with the one i already have (WD Black 1tb) to improve write speeds. I render my videos...
  8. B

    What is the best resolution/fps/codec to use for rendering videos.

    Hello everyone, I am a quality freak. I only watch HD videos and only full screen the best looking videos. I have a strong interest in uploading YouTube game oriented videos like lots of others. I am trying to achieve the best possible quality on YouTube. I recently tried uploading lossless...
  9. E

    Best Dxtory Codec for 60fps!

    before youtube allowed 60fps I used lagarith lossless codec at 30fps, but at 60fps is sucks. the default Dxtory codec works fine except that the file size is masisive, so any better codec out there. thanks ;)
  10. P

    MP3 "lossy" compression algorithm doubt

    Hi everyone, I just had a doubt about the .mp3 compression method. I know that when you compress a raw sound file, like a .wav, with the mp3 algorithm, some chunks of data are discarded. (It may sound kinda stupid), i.e when you convert an mp3 file to a wav file, it will not have the same...
  11. nyxanna

    Ripping CDs? What format and application?

    I want to rip my old music CDs and I want the format to be as lossless as possible. Can someone recommend me an application and tell me which format I need to use?
  12. ryan27968

    Lossless video converter?

    Hi everyone. I have been on a frantic hunt for a 100% lossless video converter. Some have said that it is impossible to get one that is fully lossless, but why can they not simply do this: take one frame from source video, duplicate it pixel by pixel onto converted video, and repeat? Is there a...
  13. Y

    The best way to backup bluray

    Hello There Due to the frequently use,it is difficult to protect my Blu-ray disc from scratches and worn out.So I want to lossless backup my bluray discs. The way i know is burn Disc to a blank BD-R 25GB or 50GB,but it has cost me plenty of time and money.Can anyone tell me the better way about...
  14. R


    i have several cd's i would like to rip to my HDD so that i can listen to them over my new 7.1 system but from what i understand cd's are recorded at 320kbps so does that mean that ripping them to lossless .wav is a waste of time (and HDD space) or will i get better quality than ripping them as...
  15. J

    Solved! WMA lossless versus WAV for CD burning

    In terms of sound quality only, which file (ripped at the highest possible bit rate) is best for burning onto a CD using the Windows Media Player: WAV or WMA lossless?
  16. F

    APE format questions

    What is the best way to play APE files on a portable players such as ZUNE? If I convert APE to MP3, there will be some quality loss, if I set the bit rate to be very high, will the MP3 file be lossless too? Also are there any software to convert APE to WMV lossless?
  17. MayDay94

    Best lossy and lossless formats

    here's what i have and use: -ipod (old mini and plan to get a new nano or touch) -xbox360 hooked up to h/k receiver and infinity speakers -itunes -wmp 11 -adobe photoshop essentials 4/premiere 3 -bunch of cd's (250+) I'd like to rip my music to one format that works everywhere, but it doesn't...
  18. G

    Say Hello to Apple's new iPods

    Using an external headphone with the nano makes a large difference. I use a Ray Samuels Hornet with a set of Grados and you can easily tell the difference between a Apple lossless and 256K AAC or 128K AAC files.
  19. G

    Lossless audio comression

    Archived from groups: rec.audio.pro (More info?) What are some lossless audio compressions? I don't need to play the music but I do need to store it on hard drive. So far I've only really heard of mp3, ATRAC and others that are lossy (very lossy). Thanks for the help. Tom P.
  20. G

    Question about lossless formats

    Archived from groups: rec.photo.digital (More info?) If I start with a picture and save to a lossless format (say TIFF), then save the TIFF to another lossless format, say PSD, then save to another (say JPEG 2000) etc, etc. Then I resave back to TIFF at the end (I've made no alterations or...
  21. G

    Differences in jpg lossless rotate freeware

    Archived from groups: rec.photo.digital,alt.comp.freeware (More info?) I rotated the same original photo using "lossless" rotation feature of each of these: Fotoview, IrfanView (Jpeg_transform plugin), and Faststone. The 3 resulting files all appear the same when viewed in all of those apps...