HDTV for 1080p gaming - what specs to look for and what about refresh rate


Apr 5, 2014
Hi Everyone,
I'm looking for a new TV. Must be 60' or 65' size and not more than 1.5k EUR. 80% of time used for PC gaming, so low input lag is a prioity. No preference on LED vs Plasma (have 42' 100hz plasma atm).

I was set on Sony KDL-60W605 until I went to the local store where I was told it has 50hz refresh rate only and I should be looking for 100hz at least. The guy also showed me 50hz TV next to 100hz and I was supposed to see the 'huge' difference in smoothness of movement. Which I didn't really. To complicate things, this TV has some 400hz motionflow feature.

I did some research on internet, but I am still unsure what the difference is 50 vz 100 vs 200 hz (I'm in Europe) in real end user experience. Especially while playing games on TV. I found loads about what difference 50vs60hz is and that TV refresh isn't PC monitor refresh, etc.

I am atm deciding between these TVs:
LG 60PB660V 100hz plasma 750eur
Sony KDL-60W605 50hz led 1030eur
[strike]Samsung UE65H6470 ?hz led 1520eur[/strike]

Does anyone have experience with any and can recommend/advise?

[EDIT]: removed Samsung as the price is much higher...