Headphone Amp Volume Control?


Jun 14, 2010
Hi all,
I'm trying to use my good set of headphones with my new tv which doesn't have a headphone jack. I tried solving the problem by using the optical audio out of the TV and into a digital to analog audio converter with a headphone jack. Only problem is I can't control the volume with the TV and the fixed volume level is too loud. If I were to pick up a headphone amp with volume control to use with the dac, would I be able to lower the volume below the fixed audio out level? Thanks to anyone who can help.
What you purchased is intended to be used, say by an amplifier, with LineIN/Aux and of course its own vol control.

At this point you can:

1. Buy an headphone amp that has RCA-In, Headphone-Out. Connect in-line after DAC.

2. Buy an headphone amp with optical-in, Headphone-Out. This box has built-in DAC.
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