Headphone Mic Works On Phone But Not On PC


Apr 26, 2016

I recently bought a Superlux HD681 Evo and a microphone similiar to the VModa BoomPro. The mic comes with a Dual 3.5mm Y-adapter. On my PC, my headphone works but not my microphone (I am using a TTRS to TRS adapter). However, when I tested it on my phone, my mic is working perfectly. My microphone is recognized by my PC but it does not work. Any help is greatly appreciated!


Apr 26, 2016

Yes I did install audio drivers from my mobo's website.

A little update, I tried plugging the Mic to my PC without it having the mic connected to my headphones and have my headphones connect to my PC using the headphone's original cable and it worked. Loud and clear. I'm suspecting it is the female to female adapter that is faulty.
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