headphones and speakers play at the same time and more...

Jun 11, 2018
I've been having this problem and its driving me nuts.

Device Details
Windows 10

My earphones and speakers will either :
(a) play audio at the same time
(b) play audio only through the speaker
(c) play audio only through the earphones

I find that if I turn on / restart with my earphones in, it will do (c) play audio only through the earphones. Otherwise, it will do either (a) or (b).

I also noticed, looking at the Realtek HD Audio Manager, that after starting my computer with the earphones making scenario (c) occur, my audio plays through my headphones when I select speaker or headphones as the device plugged in. However, when I select mic as my plugged in device, the audio plays out of my speakers!

Input audio does not work from headphone mic anymore, system only.

Attempted solutions
I have updated as well as installed and reinstalled my audio drivers using Driver Booster V5.2 and even manually.
I attempted system restores.
I wiggled toothpicks and q-tips in my headphone jack.
I also considered the possibility that my headphone and speakers are not "split" and noted solutions online suggesting to do so in the Realtek manager; however, I don't think that option is available in my version.
Jun 11, 2018

Hi, thanks for answering. So in my playback devices I only have speakers (Realtek) but then headphones from FABRIQ which I believe are for some Bluetooth headphones I've attempted to use on here once (it says its a type Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator in properties). I cannot toggle the default device down-bar for either. Currently speakers is the default.
Jun 11, 2018

Thanks for the reply. This is probably me just being dumb but... where do I download this? Would you be able to provide a link? My google searching isn't going very well.


Jun 25, 2016


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