Question Headphones makes my computer stop picking up sound

Apr 25, 2021
so my computer has been fine till recently. see the normal thing to happen is that when you pug in your headphones audio comes through them and when you unplug it audio comes out of my laptop but whenever i plug my headphones back in audio dose not go through them and the only way to fix it it is to restart my computer and this gets really annoying since whenever I by accident take it out it happens and I do not know how to fix. but what I do know it's not the headphone jack itself nor is it the headphones since they both work fine apart from that I really don't know what I could be.


Jul 7, 2020
Does the laptop pop up a message when you plug in the headphones and again when you unplug them? Are you up to date with Windows updates and sound drivers? You may want to go to your manufacturers web site and check to see if there are newer drivers available (although sometimes new drivers can create issues).
I can't tell you why this is happening but I suggest you go to setting/system/sound and run the troubleshooter there. Try it both when the problem is not happening and again when the problem is happening.
Apr 25, 2021
no there is no popup message I just tried it again with another pair of headphones and it's definitely not the computer but I will troubleshoot it and see if that fixes it and ill make sure that I have the up-to-date windows updates and sound drivers.
Apr 25, 2021
after looking troubleshoot does not give any useful information nor does it do anything and I have updated to the most recent windows update and still as not fixed the issue. I'm a start looking into the sound driver and see if that is the issue.
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