Question Headphone's microphone is not working Windows 10

May 2, 2021

I've purchased these headphones (Trust GXT 488 Forze Headset black) with built microphone, but I am not able to set up the microphone in Windows 10 PC. Mic is allowed, but if I go to "Recorder" tab, the microphone is showed as "unconnected".

Can someone plase help me?
May 13, 2021
Greetings, I am a tech working on PCs (rhymes with Hell). There was a windows update that screwed this up. First try uninstalling all audio-sound drivers. Then install the driver from your PC’s drivers support site. This works most of the time. If not you have to back up your data and install a clean windows image.
Don’t waste your time having the headphone jack replaced or the motherboard. Been there, it won’t help. Also when you get it back you’ll get “headphones or headset w/microphone” popup. Check option for microphone of course. But never check the box “don’t ask me again” because it won’t- and that makes it impossible to switch back. Hopefully this helps!
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