Headphones Not Working


Jul 26, 2014
I recently purchased a custom built PC from PCSpecialist (I needed a waranty) and I bought a pair of Creative Fatal1ty gaming headphones. I've tried them in every audio jack front and back but they're not being detected it the playback devices. However when I plug them in the 'Realtek HD audio Manager' pops up I don't know how to use this and have messed around with it for sometime I still can't get them to play audio. When I was using the playback devices tab I did at one point manage to get it to play very quetly through the left headphone, however the sound was still playing out of my monitor speakers which are pretty bad and I can't recall how I did it. I was wondering if anybody had some advice on how to resolve this. I am running Windows 8.1

Update: I played around with the playback devices for a while and somehow I managed to get sound to play through my headphones, however only in the front audio jack, Also I can no longer play sound through the built in speakers on my monitor.


Plug the green speaker and pink mic plugs into the matching color front headphone ports.If the front case ones dont match in color then they should be labelled too.

Start a song of video on pc, set the windows volume to max (click the speaker icon down by the clock), now on the headset about 3 ft down from your ears is a little control box with an even smaller dial knob on the side. This knob controls the volume. Turn it up and you should be good.

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