headset and speaker set-up

Jul 8, 2018
hey guys, im having trouble setting my new speaker.
i bought some stereo speakers and i also have my kraken headset. problem is, whenever im on my speakers and id like to go on my headset, i have to set everything back to what it was taking me roughly 30minute every time.
and now im just wondering if theres a way to just press a macro or a program to switch back and forth either speakers or headset.

ive seen theres a way to use both a the same time both its not really what id wanted to do.


I swap between my audio outputs by right-clicking on the speaker icon in the taskbar, selecting "playback devices" then right-click on the proper device and select "set as default device". If that setting does not stick after rebooting or hot-swapping try disabling by selecting "disable" in the right-click menu - in some cases you have to manually enable/disable to get exactly what you want but should not take more than 30 seconds unless you have some type of driver issue or something else.
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