Question Headset randomly stopped working, only picking up static?

May 9, 2019
was originally connected thru a xbox controller [to usb] because i didnt know the headset came with a splitter. worked fine for a week w controller, starting having trouble picking up sound, would usually resolve itself. same exact thing happened to the previous headset i had- worked fine, sputtered, presumably died.
eventually found the splitter and hooked it up, spent about 2 hours trying to make it work. the colors dont match up for the mic split end(orange output to red in) but thats the only way it receives audio. worked once for about 30 seconds, now it ONLY picks up static with variation for [i think] interference. no driver for the headset, tried [] with sound settings and everything. headphones work just fine, legit brand new so i know theyre not broken. started when i muted the mic with the switch, came back to it not working.
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