headset /soundard advice


Jan 25, 2015
Hey guys, im looking to buy a new headset and wanted some opinions on different ones. I have around 150-170 to spend. I recently bought the razer kraken pro and had issues with the left earphone not working and then the mic transmitting all sounds through it and my friends said i echoed really bad. So i decided to return it and spend a little extra for a better setup. I was looking at the logitech g930 and the razer tiamat but im open to just about anything. heard good and bad things about both. Also, im not really sure about USB vs a jack... just want some opinions about the better headsets out there. Also, i dont have a soundcard right now, just the built in Realtek. Is it worth it to get a soundcard also? I do have Razers suround software and that made a big difference.


must it be a headset?

for that kind of budget you could get something like the hd518, xonar dg soundcard (for 5.1 virtual) and a clip on microphone and be ahead of the game. or, if you want more advantage in games (though not much bass) the ad500x would work. there are microphones like the modmic, moovmic and lavalier clip on mics which would work as an on-headset microphone.

if it absolutely must be a headset, have a look at the sennheiser offerings. the game zero is good though you would want a cheap soundcard to power them and give them 5.1 virtual. its basically the same thing as a hd598 paired with a microphone (the hd518+mic option i suggested previously is a cheaper form of this)

if you had a usb headset, a soundcard would be pointless. if you had 3.5mm, it may help if you do not have virtual on your onboard or if you had quality issues with your onboard.
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