Question Help!!!, battery charging issues

Oct 18, 2019
hi, my battery is having a serious issue (my computer is ASUS ROG G751JT), and I need help badly, so my computer will start charging around 40-50% up to 95-96%, whats bad about this is that games run very choppy (30 FPS) when I play them with the computer unplugged, and since it stops recognizing the cord at 95-96%, I can't really run the computer all that great since it is meant for games, please help me find a fix, and yes I have a very new battery + a new cord, since both my old cord and old battery died, thanks in advance!
It is actually pretty normal. That is a sign of a dying battery.

As they start to go, and over time, they hold less and less of a charge. Because of this they will give false readings saying they have say 40% and then die, 80% and then die, etc. Where they really (at that point) only have 0% that can be used. So instead of showing that the battery will say only charge to 60% capacity and then go down from there, instead it will say it goes to 100% and then dies at 40%. Why they have it set up that way, I can't say. However that is the way they are.

So, the only resolution is to replace the battery.

And yes I did read you replaced the battery and charger (you said cord, I am assuming it is the whole charger), but when you replaced them, did you do so with OEM parts? If not, then that adds to the problem as well aftermarket parts for things like laptops are not a good idea. They can actually cause damage. Not really worth the risk just to get a part cheaper.