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  1. L

    Solved! I want to install SSD in my Laptop by replacing hhd in cd drive and ssd in main slot. Can anyone give better description on it?

    I want to install ssd in my pc. Should i put it in cd drive or in main slot? Also i want to keep my data of hhd. How should i install windows after it? A clone to ssd or a new fresh install? Appreciate if anyone answers! Tysm in advance
  2. NicIsHere123

    Solved! Laptop doesn't recognize my HDD after booting from my SSD(I migrated my OS to that SSD)

    My laptop is a Asus TUF Gaming A17 Tonight I migrated my OS to my brand new SSD using the Minitool app. It migrated all good. After the process ended I went to the Bios Menu and switched the Boot priority so the SSD was the first one. The first time I booted after this change it still booted...
  3. M

    Question AC power cord for pre amp 7a or 10a?

    Hey y'all! I have a little dilemma. I'm trying to supply the right amount of power to a power brick View: but I don't know which ac cable to use. I have a standard one that came with the ps4 it says 18amp and 7a 125v. Is that enough? Thanks!!
  4. R

    Question Help!!!, battery charging issues

    hi, my battery is having a serious issue (my computer is ASUS ROG G751JT), and I need help badly, so my computer will start charging around 40-50% up to 95-96%, whats bad about this is that games run very choppy (30 FPS) when I play them with the computer unplugged, and since it stops...
  5. R

    Question Battery Issue

    hello I recently have came across an issue with my battery charging on and off in my ASUS Rog G751JT, sometimes it will charge other times it won't, i bought a new charger, i have had less of the problem but it still occurs, can anyone help me out here?, thanks in advance
  6. T

    will adding Ram to this system improve it a lot?

    I have a cheap laptop and 'Im asking if i should upgrade the ram to make it MUCH faster. Is the APU I am using already bad and adding ram won't make it better? AMD E2-6110 1.5 gHz 2gb Ram 500gb harddrive AMD Radeon R2 graphics the ram usage is always above 75% and software tend to freeze and...
  7. R

    How Do I restore my brightness and sound buttons?

    I have a Toshiba laptop that just stop working after i reset it.
  8. S

    In need of help for headphones+dac+amp. (please help)

    Hello thank you for your time. Im currently looking at headphones to further expand my audio experience. What I need help in is good headphones and dac/amp combo. My budget is $200 but Im willing to spend 50 more dollars if needed. I mostly game and listen to music daily. I play fps games so I...
  9. H

    Asus K450L wont start or charge

    A few days ago i tried to turn on my laptop and it said that it was low on battery and turned off almost immediately after (pretty normal). I was away from home and didnt have my original charger so i borrowed my friends universal one. It wouldnt charge or turn on so i just assumed it was the...
  10. E

    My Asus x551m Won't Turn On.

    I was looking at the insides observing the headphone port because it was loose and while doing so it shut off. I was unable to get a good look cause two screws don't want to come out and I am trying to figure out what's wrong.
  11. A

    Audio Expertise needed for home theater setup

    hey guys, i am a newbie here and am setting up my home theater room and needed some help deciding the best audio and acoustic setup regarding the same.I am very confused and your expert guidance would be welcomed. I currently have two 50 watt speaker which are in really good condition, i am...
  12. C

    Labtop says: "No Bootable device. Hit any key."

    I think my labtop is fried... a while back I was using my acer labtop and all of a sudden windows crashed. I turn it on and it gives me this black screen along with the words "No Bootable device. Hit any key." I searched online for some answers and figured it was my hardrive, I opened up my...
  13. T

    Can't Play Any Video Related Content (iOS)

    I'm on iOS 8.1.2, and whenever I click ANY video related content on ANY website (I.e. Youtube, Facebook) it just says error playback error or just keep loading. Please help! ;(
  14. tomsguideUS

    Tom's Guide Readers' Choice Awards 2014

    Tom's Guide's readers name their top tech products of 2014, including best smartphone, tablet, laptop, streaming device, gaming mouse, DSLR and more. Tom's Guide Readers' Choice Awards 2014 : Read more
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    Best of Mobile World Congress 2014

    Tom's Guide awards the Best of MWC 2014 prize to the 5 most innovative gadgets of the show. Best of Mobile World Congress 2014 : Read more
  16. J

    Acer Aspire One D255e help?

    I tried to factory my reset my laptop dozens of times pressing Alt + f10 multiple times during boot up. The factory reset menu never pops up and it just goes through its regular process. I don't want system restore I want the factory settings. Please help me. It's Windows starter edition so...