Solved! Help buying a new gaming laptop


Aug 11, 2017
Reluctantly having to move from a gaming computer to a gaming laptop for the foreseeable future.

I’d really appreciate some help in picking out one that’s fairly future proof (4/5 years).

Now then...I will heavily be using it for World of Warcraft - the higher the settings the better. I will also be playing Dota 2, Civ, Stronghold, CSGO, Diablo etc plus newer games.

My main focus however is WoW performance - 60/70 FPS + on high (I know it’s a hard gauge as the game is old) but worth a try!

Budget is £1000-£1500
17inch screen would be preferred.
I’m looking for a good screen not poor colour reproduction.

Preferably a brand which is reliable/good customer service (just in case).

I know it’s a tall ask but toms always helps me out, many thanks for any input/replies!