HELP buying a used high-end gaming laptop!


Feb 23, 2016
I was searching for a used or refurbished gaming laptop under $1200 . i will use to play latest games such as the division and rise of tomb raider and more upcomings on ultra/very high graphics with some compensations for 2-3 years(30 fps is fine for me),currently im traveling alot so a desktop pc is not an option for at least 2 years.
i have got the following options:

    MSI GT72 Dominator-405 17.3" i7-4710HQ+16GB+1TB+128Gb SSD GTX 970M 3Gb
    Manufacturer refurbished on ebay
    costs $1200 including shipping

    MSI GT72 Dominator G-1445 G-sync Core i7 5700HQ+16GB+1TB+GTX970M
    Manufacturer refurbished on ebay
    costs $1100 including shipping

    ASUS ROG G751JT-CH71 17.3" Gaming Laptop i7 2.50GHz 16GB RAM 1TB HDD GTX 970M
    open box/used
    costs $1200

    Dell Alienware M18x R2 Laptop-i7 3720QM Processor,2x 7970M In Crossfire+8GB RAM+500GB HDD+250GB SSD
    costs $1250
    Q:Is the 18.4 inch screen too much?

    Dell Alienware M17x R4 Laptop-i7 3120QM Processor,16GB RAM ,750GB HDD,NO GPU(original 7970M)
    screen resolution 1600x900 (can this be good on 17.3" ?)
    USED costs $600 and need a gpu 7970m cost around $200 - total $800 (i may have to reduce res or graphics alittle bit)
    if this gives me good fps im fine with this option and will save me $300 - $400

thank you