Solved! Help choosing temporary replacement for these two speakers?


Jul 23, 2014
I have an older organ I recently got that seems to have bad speakers (or atleast one). I want to take them out and test them individually as well as put in temporary ones to test with the organ to confirm they are the issue, but i'm not entirely sure what speakers would be suitable.

The two speakers don't have ohm or watt ratings printed on them only part numbers "581207" and "581208", I could only find info on the "581208" and from the one thread I could find it seems it says it reads around 7-8ohms on a multimeter making it actually a 12 ohm rated speaker, I'm assuming the "581207" would be the same impedance but still have to test them individually.

So two questions really.
Is there any way to tell, or does anyone happen to know what wattage rating these speakers are.
And assuming they are both "12 ohm rated" speakers and they seem to be wired in series if im correct, would any two 12ohm speakers also in series work temporarily or would any other configuration also work?

Here are the backs of the speakers as well as the wiring diagram on the organ.

They are wired in parallel not in series.
The specs of the organ will tell you how much power it has. If it has a tube amp you can tell from the specs of the output tube x the number of tubes what the maximum it could have would be.
You would want one 6-8 ohm or two 12-16 ohm musical instrument speakers.
I would suggest you contact
They can rebuild the original speakers properly and may be able to suggest temporary replacements. Very knowledgeable and do superb speaker repairs.
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Jul 23, 2014
Thank you very much for the reply, I realized they were in parallel after I posted this and looked again.

Turns out the speakers are actually fine I took them out and tested them individually, and they sound quite nice as well so it does seem to be an electrical issue not a speaker issue unfortunately.

Thanks anyways for the help though it is much appreciated.
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