[Help] Gaming Laptop for $800-1100


Oct 30, 2016

If anyone could help me find a good gaming laptop (not too heavy) for around $800 to 1100 that could run WoW, CSGO, HotS at high settings with max FPS

Nothing wrong with MSI, I just linked a good price on a laptop with a 1060 card, MSI, Sager, Clevo, ASUS, all pretty much equal.
max FPS is what? You can always get more FPS the faster your system is, so there is really no "max". Do you mean 60 fps which is about what people shoot for for smooth gaming? Take a look at http://www.xoticpc.com/ for systems in your price range, they are all pretty good there and you can sort them easily. This is a good system with a 1060 video card for 1,000 http://www.xoticpc.com/sager-np7850-clevo-n850hp6.html Only drawback is that it uses a standard hard drive not a solid state.