Help! How to fix the delay between my yamaha soundbar and my amp with speakers???

Jan 28, 2019
Hello all! So I have recently purchased a Yamaha soundbar which is connected to my TV via the optical port.. it I also have and amp and speakers plugged into the headphone jack on the Tv.. was using the speakers and amp for ages instead of the TV speakers. And trying to get the 2 devices to work together, they both play when plugged in bit there is a noticeable delay between the soundbar and speakers.. seems the speakers (3.5mm headphone jack) plays before the sound bar (optical cable) any ideas on how to stop this?

The soundbar has a delay feature but I can't even when the delay is as short as the soundbar can make it it's still noticable..
Soundbars are meant to be stand-alone and not to be "added" like this. This exercise of yours may end up costing you more$$ than if you had simply gone the standard route and drive everything from an AVR receiver.

OK you insist, look for delay line/sound effect processor boxes, there are analog and digital types, I have no idea about$, your own research.

Somewhere in the back of my mind, don't remember where, am thinking a box capable of delaying 1/3 or 335 ms.