Question HELP: How to hook up TVEars Analog to Samsung Smart TV, w/no Audio Out or Earphones

Feb 12, 2020
I have a WINSTAR Analog to Optical device. Has ports for Audio and R & L on one side. SPDIF and Coax on the other.
Also switch to choose SPDF or CoAx.
Can I hook up this analog TVears with this Samsung Smart TV? If not, what should I buy to be able to use the TVEars Analog? Thanks. [don't post your email address on any forum]
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If your TV doesn't have any audio outputs (analog, headphone, coax/optical digital, or HDMI-ARC) then you can't connect anything to it without modifying the TV. A speaker to line level converter can be wired to the internal TV speakers. That would give you a variable analog audio output.
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