help ID speaker wire plug replacement (Vizio TV)

Sep 26, 2018
Hi guys,

I'm looking for some help identifying a unique (I think) speaker wire plug for connecting surround speakers to a specific TV. I cut one of the speaker wires and left for a bit, and the connector probably got thrown away, someone thinking it was trash.

The story is I am installing my parents TV in their new house that has pre-existing rear L/R surround speaker wire in the walls behind where the TV will go. Their TV is a Vizio JV50P HDTV10A, the rear speakers connect into the subwoofer with a connector I've never seen before (perhaps specific to Vizio products). I posted a picture of the connector at In the bottom right it also shows where it plugs into the subwoofer.

It's just bare red/black wires at each speaker spot and then where the TV will go, I know what I need to do is connect the wires thru the wall with a butt splice crimper and then re-use this "special" connector to the subwoofer. Basically I just have to find a replacement connector with the right shape and electrical connection to fit into the red/white speaker plug slots on the subwoofer.

So really this is just about how to find the right exact plug, not about wires or crimping etc.

Hopefully that makes sense. Any help is appreciated!

Sep 26, 2018

So in either case I would have to open up the panels, find the internal place where the two-wire prongs for each speaker are, and add a new style (either banana or RCA) plug to them ? No way to move forward without cutting into the speaker (unless someone knows the exact plug)?
In my toolbox I have connectors collected through the years, some of them are of the automotive type (bottom picture, female) that may fit. Can find these at you local auto part store, there are few sizes. Also probably

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