Help me choose a quality headphones


Feb 9, 2016
Ive just finished my first gaming PC build and one thing thats really got my head spinning is choosing headphones. I would like to use my Asus Xonar DX soundcard if possible, though i do understand the big controversy that sound cards dont make audio quality better. (i got it for free so i dont care if its no good.)

Heres what im looking for: (note, i dont have a huge budget, Most i would like to pay is $250 CAD if possible. but ill go another 50 to 100 if needed)

-first off, im a huge stickler for having a tidy desk so a mess of wires wouldnt be ideal, although im unsure if the benefits of wireless headphones outweigh the possibly negatives (price, sound quality) so if theres a wired set thats really worth it ill be ok with that

-i have a big head and a lot of hair so a comfy over the ear set would be nice

-uses will be for gaming, recording and listening to high quality music.

-doesnt need a microphone but not a bad thing if it does

-if wired, length wont be an issue because my pc is about a foot from my head, on my desk

- info for the sound card is here id really like to use it to its fully potential

- pc theme is black and blue so if its ever so possible a color coordinated set would be ballin

FYI heres my pc specs

NZXT s340
Asrock Z97 Anniversary
EVGA 970
Samsung 850 pro 256gb
Western digital Blue 1tb
Seasonic x760 psu
Asus Xonar DX
Corsair H110
windows 10