Help me choose an amp!


Jun 30, 2015
I have inherited 2 realistic mach two cabinet speakers. They are huge, each have a tweeter, ca 4" mid and a 15" woofer.
I've been looking these up and there seem to be quite mixed feelings on them. Some say that everything from Realistic is trash, and others say that the mach twos are surprisingly competent.
They will need refoaming and it will cost me about 50$ to do so.
Also I need an amp as I have nothing that will come close to powering these behemoths. They are rated at 160w @ 8ohm each, so I'll need a powerfull amp for them.

So do you guys think it's worth refoaming and getting an amp for them? And if so, which amp would do the job nicely for under 300$?

They are not great speakers but if you want to get started they should not need a lot of power to play fairly loud. 50 watts per channel should be fine. Maybe a used receiver or integrated amplifier. If you want to go new then maybe
Repairing the woofer surrounds is not as simply as presented. The cones have to be aligned perfectly in the voice coil gap otherwise you will get scrapping noises. If the voice coils are already bad replacing the foam will not help. Don't buy an amp until you rebuild the woofers and know they are working OK.