Help Me Compare These Two Laptop Models for Basic Gaming


Aug 12, 2013
So during my search for laptop in the 15 inch range capable for some gaming under $550, I started looking for those with AMD APUs, because it seemed like the best way to get cheap gaming-passable performance. However, I realized I want more than I initially thought, and saw these two; Acer Aspire V3-551G-8454 and Acer Aspire V5-552G-8632. They are pretty much the cheapest laptops I've seen with decent discrete graphics cards. The first, with an A8-4500M, has a Radeon 7670M, which should be able to crossfire (although I've heard that doesn't necessarily work well). The second one also has an A8, but a slightly newer model, which I assume is a bit better. I think I saw somewhere else that with its 8750m, it's incapable of this. They are fairly similar in price, with the V5 at $30 more, so I'd rather have the one with the better performance.

Of course, if you have some better ideas in this price range, feel free to link them. Size doesn't matter too much, (as long at it's no smaller than a 14 inch)and a refurbished is perfectly fine. I don't play very intensive games like Crysis, mostly League of Legends Civ 5/Crusader Kings 2/strategy games, some indies, and RPGs (while being able to play the Witcher 2 would be nice, I can deal). By the way, I'm living on campus so I only want a laptop; I have a desktop at home and I'll be coming home most weekends to work, so that's why I'm not too picky. I don't have to worry about a lot of space or other programs than basic Word stuff, because I'm an education major.

Sorry if this is too much info, and thanks in advance for the help.