Question Help me, What should I do just brought a new laptop a 3 months ago?

Jun 18, 2019
Hope, i will get feedback soon, i have a Lenovo ideapad 510 with a Nvidia GTx, it went off after i too it for check ups they told me that the motherboard is dead. It has a non-removable battery but they managed to open it up and remove the battery. they determined the CPU is where the heat is coming from, not the battery. With the battery removed, the CPU cools down, but as soon as they plug the battery back in the CPU begins to heat up as if the laptop is on. With the battery removed, they tried holding the power button for 15 seconds to remove any static. they also tried unplugging the CMOS battery for 15 minutes in case of BIOS issues. None of those methods worked and the symptom has remained the same. If battery or power pack is plugged in the CPU will warm up as though it is on. Any solutions to this issue? What could have caused this?"
If it is a brand new laptop, you shouldn't open it up. At all. You risk voiding your warranty.

Since you say it is that new, I would contact the manufacturer about a repair or replacement. No device that is that new should give you any problems.
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