Help. NO rear sound! 5.1 Receiver shows DTS mode on. Rear speakers work in other occasions.

Jun 4, 2018
Hi. Please help my desperate situation. Sorry for my seriously lacking explanation skill with proper technical terms. My 5.1 speaker + old Pioneer receiver (VSX-D511) + DVD player and latest LG oled TV used to work perfectly until a few days ago.

DVDs and mkv, etc. videos (both directly from files on USB/external HDD connected on TV and from files playing on laptop->HDMI->TV) with DTS track on (5.1, 7.1, DTS-HD, etc.) used to properly make the receiver's "DTS" indicator turned on with all the front, center, rear sound.

Now: 1. DTS indicator is still on but the sound comes "only from the front speakers". Receiver mode is "direct" as before, hence the indicator. TV's sound setting is the same (AUTO - pass through - instead of PCM). Laptop's video players' settings have "S/PDIF" on. Same problem plaing DVD with DTS track.

2. But when I put the "5.1 channel speaker" mode on my receiver which just splits any analogue, stereo, LPCM, etc. 2 channel sound, I do get sound from all my speakers. So speakers are not broken but that sound is not direct digital 5.1.

What should I check? A few days ago, a cable person came to fix my new TV's not sharp screen that has to do with cable and setup box. This setup box is above the receiver. I don't know if that has anything to do with it but otherwise I never touched anything.

Big thank you I advance!


Oct 11, 2013
If it worked as desired prior to him coming out to service something, it's likely that the issue is with the box itself. Check the settings on the cable box via your on screen menus to ensure everything is as it was before. I'm assuming it's connected via HDMI and not analog, correct?