Help not over spending or getting inferior wifi extender


Nov 17, 2017
I'm new to buying computer accessories but not new to being a consumer. I have to think i'm missing something. So I found myself in need of a wifi extender, with a little searching I soon discovered that most every brand makes a compairable device in each "class" in this instance ac1200, ac1900,ect. So without mention any name brands I narrow decision down to two wifi ac1900 extenders. Both very popular brands both have identical features with exception of more expensive brand had USB port. The specs were nearly identical with cheaper coming out on top as it has 3 ext. antenna vs. 2 and sports 700mw amplifiers vs. 600mw, the final advantage to cheaper brand was a 1gb processor vs 700mb. The price difference being between 30 and 40%! As cheaper brand was listed at $62 and higher brand listed at $100 from same site same day. That is what leads me to believe I must be missing something. Why on Earth would I pay 40% more for a product that according there product spec sheet is inferior to the cheaper brand. the 2 devices even look almost exactly the same. The features may have a different catch phrase like crossband or Fastlane or fast mode but it all describes same tech. So what is the value add for me to spend the extra cash? I don't mind spending more if I obviously receive more but I sure don't want to pay 40% more just so the tiny little name etched in the front that nobody sees says " ". any help pointing out my oversite is much appreciated as I'm about to order extender and want to make correct purchase.


A Kia might have better specs and be cheaper than a Honda. Why would anyone buy a Honda? It is the same with any competing products. Brand loyalty. Perceived value. Snob appeal. There are lots of people that have gotten doctorate degrees studying consumer behavior.
It is possible that the more expensive extender is better made and will last longer. The company may also have better quality control, better tech support, and a better warranty.
It is possible that the more expensive extender is worse that the cheaper one and the company wants to present their product as more expensive and therefore better by default. Marketing is a wondrous thing ain't it.
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