Question HELP! Old plasma doesn’t have HDMI Arc


Oct 7, 2019
Hi all! I have read at least 100 posts and can’t get a straightforward answer. I have an old Panasonic plasma TV and the speaker is broken. I am looking at soundbars, but they all need HDMI Arc and my TV only has regular HDMI. There’s also a digital audio out port on my TV, but it doesn’t say “optical” (here is a website that happens to have a photo of my same port: Can someone please tell me what kind of soundbar I need? Is it possible to connect the tv HDMI to the soundbar HDMI Arc through some sort of “converter” or “adapter?” And no — I don’t have any pass through device like a blue Ray or DVR. I would be so grateful if someone could just give me a simple and understandable answer. Many thanks!!!!!
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