help! pls! my battery on samsung chronos series 7 ia not working


Feb 20, 2015
Hi guys, i own Samsung Series 7 NP700Z3C and by misstake when i plug in charger in my lap top(universal charger) i miss the + and - thing so now i think my battery its dead or depolarized. Shoud i just change the battery or there is some way to polarized back to normal? or coud that misstake couse some more dmg and problem to my notebook. thanks
Remove battery, if laptop powers on still then you just need a new battery.

I really really don't advise the use of universal chargers. Your laptop is expecting a certain volts, amps and watts. Universal charges just shoot for the middle and don't provide your laptop the proper power, which could lead to a completely destroyed battery and or motherboard (not meaning like how you reversed the polarity, but just from normal use).
You should never use anything but an oem power supply or at minimum a power supply made by the company that made the oem one (Delta and Lite ON are the two most common). As stated Universal ones just try to shoot for the middle and generic replacement ones have no care about what damage they cause because they already have your money and you will likely never find a company to call and complain to anyways. I have had quite a few dead laptops brought to me to diagnose that had fried motherboards or batteries, some of them so bad they had burn marks on the board; all of these laptops where not using an OEM charger.

You don't have to buy the OEM power supply from the OEM, I understand that this is very expensive. Most OEM power supplies can be found on Amazon for $25 or less, probably less then your universal power supply you bought that might have just killed your entire laptop.
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