Question HELP!! TV half screen upside down Other function all good

Feb 9, 2020

My TV got right 25% of the screen firmly upside down and then the next 50% is turning transparent with both upside down picture and stright picture. Then the very left 25% is fine. All other funtions are good.

I bought a new T-con board but the issue remain same. I disconnected the every right ribbon cable from T-com board to the long chip (sorry, not sure the name of it) connected to the screen. The upside down image disappeared. The right 25% of the screen turns white and the image is gradually fading out from left to right. I did the same to the every left ribbon cable. The straight image disappeared. The upside down image is fading out from right to left with the last 25% of the screen white. I swarped the rabbon cables around but didn’t change anything.

I am suspection there is a logic control unit on the chip between the T-con board and the screen is wrong but cannot identify which one. Could anyone please help me to solve the problem?

Please check the picture