Help with chosing laptop



Hi all, I would like to ask for your opinion. Im going to buy a laptop, and cannot decide. Im interested in cooling/battery/hinges quality. - powerwise they are +/- the same.

Options are: MSI GE62 7RE-044CZ Apache Pro // 7700 + 1050Ti , 8 gb ram // no ssd, less ram but subwoofer, rgb keyboard.
ASUS ROG GL553VE-FY081 // 7700 + 1050Ti + 16gb ram + 128gb ssd // poor speakers, bad battery
HP Omen 15-ax201nc // 7700 + 1050Ti+ 16gb ram + 256ssd // only TN panel, cheapest, but im concerned, how the price was achieved - lifespan of hinges, heat etc.

Dell Inspirion was left out because of really poor TN panel. I know that there are more configurations, but these are the only ones availible here, and I woul wait forever to get a different one.
Point of laptop is multimedia + gaming - not on ultra, just to get by for a few years (thats why I am not considering anything older than pascal)

Which would you choose and why? Thanks!