hi my system requirements are 4gb ram intel i5 8th gen and intel uhd graphics when i play it lags and i am unable to play pls

May 28, 2018
i am unable to play gta v on my new pc
here are my system configurations .
4gb ram
intel uhd graphics
1 tb hardisk
when i play it lags a hell...
i also searched on youtube about it pls help me i am sitting since 14 hours


Not enough ram for one. Even with a dedicated GPU systems with only 4gb of ram have stuttering issues with gta V and using an igpu takes away from system ram as the igpu uses it as vram which gta v can eat a lot of. But even with a ram upgrade the game is not going to run well on that laptop.


You need more RAM. Install a stick of 4GB or 8GB of RAM. GTA 5 needs more than 4GB of RAM to run. Installing more RAM will improve game performance because the game will have enough RAM to run and also when two sticks of RAM is installed it will cause the RAM to run at full speed (dual channel mode) rather than only half speed (single channel mode). When using integrated graphics two sticks of RAM can improve game performance by 10% to 20% depending on the game. Click link below to see GTA 5 running on a Acer laptop with an i3-7100u, Intel HD 620 and 12GB of RAM.


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