High End Sager vs Alienware etc

Jan 17, 2019
Hello everyone,

So I am currently about to take the plunge and get myself a nice gaming laptop, but I have sort of hit a wall as to which way I should go.

I have found 2 laptops with very similar specs at wildly different prices, and am hoping for someone who is more knowledgeable to point me in the right direction.

I am going to be purchasing an rtx 2080 with intel i9-9900k (this being the primary costs, so the rest of the specs I'll omit).

At GenTech pc, I can build this rig for around $3,000 in the following chasis:


However when I look at websites like MSI/ASUS/ALIENWARE, the cost is extreme for nearly the same rig, I'm talking $4,000+.

So the question is, does the Sager/Clevo laptop have crap cooling? Poor reliability? Or some other factor I am not considering? Or do these other brands charge for name recognition? Please, if anyone can help me I would be greatly appreciative.

Jan 17, 2019
Yeah, as far as I know Clevo is the parent company, and their laptops are marketed as Sager in the states (or something like that). Then the 3rd party companies by these in bulk and custom build them, per the consumers request, as in the case of GenTechPC.

So why the $1500 price difference? I mean, there has to be something I'm missing here? This is a big investment for me, and I just want to make sure I'm not being stupid.


Soham Sengupta

Apr 23, 2015
I would ask you to check some reviews of ltt about the sager np9877/np9175 (last gen sager laptops) to get an idea of what you will get with this laptop. As for reliability, my friend had bought a sager laptop in 2011 and to this date, it works as if it was bought yesterday (although after 8 years of use, the thing can't play any AAA titles anymore



What are the exact other models you are looking at? If it's the same components would be tough to justify the difference in costs.

I would get this one for a high end laptop https://www.xoticpc.com/msi-gt75-titan-015.html

i9 and 2080 would be a bit wasted in a laptop with a small screen. 1080 or 1440 is good in a 17 or even 18" screen, and an i7 and xx70 class video card is plenty for that.

Things like higher end SSD, higher end screen, better keyboard, etc.. all can add a good amount to prices. A nice mechanical keyboard in a laptop would add over $100 just on that part, another 200+ for a higher refresh screen, $100 more for a faster/larger SSD, things add up.
Jan 17, 2019
Basically I am looking at the Sager, Titan (the one you linked to), and the Alienware M51m - also from Xotic.

After searching around a bit more, I think the Alienware M51m from Xotic is actually leading the way for me. It's similarly priced to the Sager on Xotic, whereas other places including the alienware website, it is much much more expensive.
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