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Dec 31, 2007
I'm looking to purchase either a DVD player w/MP3 or a complete Home Theater w/ DVD player w/MP3. The Crutchfield catalog had a couple listed (Kenwood DVT-505; Panasonic SC-HT70) that I could afford. Consumer Reports in December 2000 had some DVD players with the top manufacturers being Hitachi, Toshiba, and Samsung.
So, does anyone have any good suggestions? Would it be better to get a decent player now, i.e., Toshiba SD-4700, and by the rest of the system later? Or would it be better to bite the bullet and get the whole shebang at once?
Any suggestions as to models would be appreciated.
Thank you.

I know enuff to be dangerous. :tongue:



I am not a hometheater no it all.. I am working on what I consider modest set up in my basement.

As to your concerns -- get good this and that a piece at time. My opinion is not to spend allot of money on something unless it is really worth it. As for A/V equipment, there is some good low cost equipment out there that does the job very well -- but to the high end people out there -- if the $$$'s are not in it, then it ain't worth it.
I would recomment buying all your equipement at once. The hometheater experience is not something you build up to piece buy piece-- You can upgrade when money allows bought you will want a complete system to start with.

I have the 1st Teac DD5.1 that came out -- about 4yrs now at about 535$ Canadian. Works just fine. Now you can get Teac with 5.1DD and DTS for less then that.

I have a Apex DVD player (AD 660 I think), works great. The newest model (# ??) cost under 200$ canadian and does most formats including MP3's

My point is You don't have to spend allot of money on equipment but somethings are important.

Front Center channel -- allot of stuff comes out of it -- get a good one.
DVD player -- depending on your viewing source you may want to look at a player that has progessive output but your monitor/tv has to be able to recieve this signal i.e. 480p.

Sub --- a little more on this is will be good but not that important -- self amplified with adjustments will save you money not having to get a preamp out.

Monitor/tv -- the bigger the better -- the higher the resolution the better.

Hope this help.

Good luck

Take Care.
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