Home theatre connection issue


Apr 10, 2015
Hi all
I've read quite a few threads but still cant find an answer to this issue. I cant get audio to a 2nd TV, the video works no problem.
My set up is as follows:
Foxtel, Blu Ray, WD TV Live, DVD Recorder, all connected individually via HDMI to my AVR ---> HDMI to HDMI Splitter --> 1st out via HDMI to Main TV: 2nd out via HDMI to 2nd TV in another room.

My Main TV is connected via a digital audio out back to the AVR as this is the only way I can get the TV to play thru the AVR.

My Main TV works fine no problem for audio & video, it's the 2nd tv has no audio, video no issue.

If I remove the digital out cable from the Main TV to the AVR, I still do not get audio to the 2nd TV.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Cheers Rod

The models of my equipment is:
Main TV: Panasonic TH-50PX700A
Fox: IQ2
AVR: Pioneer SC-LX71
2nd TV: Panasonic TX-26LXD70A
DVD Recorder: Panasonic DMR-XW350
Blu Ray: Panasonic DMP-BDT220
Assuming that either TV connected directly to the receiver gets video and audio I would say that the HDMI splitter might be the cause. The digital audio out from TV1 has no effect on any other connection. What happens if you connect TV1 to the splitter output that you used for TV2? Does the audio now come out of TV2 only?


Apr 10, 2015
Thanks for the reply. I believe why I need the digital audio out from the tv to the AVR is that I don't have ARC HDMI as my TV's are pre this convention which was introduced in 2009, & this connection allows me to play the TV audio via the AVR.

I tried your suggestion but still receive no audio coming out of TV2.

In my 2nd room which has TV2 via the hdmi splitter, I do not have separate speakers in this room attached to the AVR. Is this an issue for not receiving audio? I was hoping all things being equal, to receive audio of the connected device to the AVR, eg Fox, Blu Ray, to receive this audio via the TV2's in-built speaker?

TV2 has 2 x hdmi in, digital audio out, component video & audio in, and s video in connections. The AVR has all these connections as well. Is there another way to cable TV2 to achieve the outcome?



Jun 8, 2015
Help to connect Philips Home Theatre to Panasonic Led T.V.

Hi, I have some issue to connect Philips Home Theatre (Sound bar + Sub Woofer) to Panasonic Led T.V. ; there are three cables red, White and yellow, The Yellow cable connected to Sub Woofer to Sound bar but other two cable Red and white, where i can connect that will help to play home theatre, i am not getting please help me to solve these.

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