Hooked up an approx. 16 y/o Sony DVD to new Yamaha AV receiver and the AV isn't putting out sound


Dec 11, 2016
So we've recently upgraded to an AV receiver for better sound with our new Samsung smart TV, but we kept our old Sony DVD player and 20-30 year old speakers. We've got the Sony hooked up to the AV receiver correctly because there's picture on the TV. The speakers though only work through the Sony; we can have it turned to the max and it doesn't change a thing. We do have sound that comes up to a reasonable rate but we'd like it a very good but louder. The AV is also hooked up to a new sub woofer and thats working correctly too.

Will we have to get a new speaker system and/or a new dvd player to get it playing through the AV?
The correct way to hook up surround equipment is: Components (including your DVD player) ------> Receiver -----> TV.

If you are forced to hookup DVD to TV directly because the new Receiver doesn't have the same connection as DVD, then you must add another audio-only connection from DVD ---> Receiver. Sometimes you don't have to add this extra connection if BOTH TV and Receiver are ARC-capable.
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