Hooking up newer TV (KC32V1) to an old receiver Yamaha rxv4390

Jul 8, 2018
Good day, any tips are much appreciated I have spent hours trying to figure this out to no avail.
The receiver has no HDMI ports and the TV has a coax output and av/yPb/Pr outputs as well as HDMI which seem irrelevant as the old receiver doesn't. The coax input on the receiver is the old kind (without threads to screw in) while the newer TV has different threaded coax output.
I'm certain I have the Sony ss-fvs310 speaker system correctly wired into the receiver (1 center, 2 front and 2 back speakers). I don't have the subwoofer/receiver part of the Sony speaker system just the 5 speakers hooked directly into the Yamaha receiver.
I've tried hooking the red/white audio cables from ld/tv hookup on the receiver to the corresponding av red/white on the TV didn't work.
Im thinking it involves using the coaxial output from the TV into the coax input on the very old receiver but they are different hookups (threaded vs not threaded)
Thanks in advance for any tips
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